A Modest Pro-Poster

I found this here

This one is tough.  I hate trees.  I also hate beavers.  But if beavers destroy trees, wouldn’t  that would make them my ally?  The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy’s friend, right?  Either way, beavers and trees both gotta go.

Also Science World is blowing my mind by using paper, a tree product, to advertise how many trees a beaver can cleave.  It would’ve made more sense to not use the posters and to really give those trees the business. And are they endorsing the razing of the worlds forests?  Probably.


One Response to “A Modest Pro-Poster”

  1. Beaver3 Says:

    This is really an outrage: allowing beavers to destroy 200 trees
    per year for no good reason other than their simple hypothalamus
    brains tell them to. Do the math, beavers are ruining the lives of
    lumberjacks all over the world. Are we truly going to stand for this?
    They are taking the dinner off the tables of thousands of households!

    Stand up for your country, your timber, your life! Euthanize beavers!

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